only a handful

December @ The Anchorage keeps looking like this:

–which is to say, sunny, snowless, and unseasonably glorious.

Brett won a smoker at work the week of his birthday, and we filled our chest freezer with angus beef from Sasse Lake Farms, so we are in good shape for a long while. We are reading Supper of the Lamb together, listening to Behold the Lamb of God on repeat, anticipating each day of our LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, and ordering and making and wrapping gifts. Walks in the woods are divine.

To my astonishment, I was asked to talk about writing letters on my favorite podcast, The Habit. You can listen here, or read a transcript, or subscribe to the weekly newsletter, if you prefer. I was elated to participate in a conversation about old fashioned correspondence, yet realizing what a wealth was left unsaid. Luckily, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. (That goes for writing letters and talking about them!)

Oh, I nearly forgot–my prize-winning poetry from last spring is featured in a published collection.

I’ve only a handful of yuletide letters left to send–most are in the mail already.

And now, homemaking beckons.

2020 Reading List

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