a day in the life

A day in the life of a writer:

Sits down.

Stares at the blank page.

Types three words.

Deletes them.

Repeat ad nauseam.

Actually finishes an entire decent sentence.

Rewards herself with a second cup of coffee.

Notices many glaring problems with that sentence. Namely, all of the words.

Presses on anyway. Two lines later, excuses herself to use the facilities.

Refills mug on the way back, seemingly unaware of the correlation.

Debates whether she should look up a topic on wikipedia.

Suddenly remembers something she left off the grocery list.

Wonders what the dog is barking at.

Notices the layer of dust on the windowsill.

Writes five sentences in a whirl of inspiration.

Looks at word count. Starts calculating–No! Focus!

Remembers the great paragraph she wrote last week.

Writes a rambling sentence. Splits it into two. Recombines it into one.

Homeschooled kid needs help with math.

Decides mathematics, or any other pursuit, really, would have been better than writing.

Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.

Matthew 12:34

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