Be Here

“Lou had long since cut out fashion and all radio but the Red Sox. In the past few years she had let go her ties to people she did not like, to ironing, to dining out in town, and to buying things not necessary and that themselves needed care. She ignored whatever did not interest her. With those blows she opened her days like a pinata. A hundred freedoms fell on her, She hitched free years to her lifespan like a kite tail. Everyone envied her the time she had, not noticing that they had equal time.”

The Maytrees by Annie Dillard

As I leafed through my week’s worth of Hutchmoot notes, a clear theme emerged: be patient, be present, be there. Just as the Maker is there with Job in his defensive questioning, with Paul in his pleas for healing, with the bride as she awaits the consummation of peace forevermore.

From Andrew Peterson’s welcome letter to Stephen Trafton’s living epistle, God’s word to me grew more clear.

“Let art speak to you in its tempo.” -John Hodges
“Be patient.” -James 5:7 & Brahms’ Requiem
“God’s presence satisfies.” -RKR & DKM
“I love my limitations.” -Sarah Mason Dark via Jill Phillips
“Be like the fox . . .” -Wendell Berry
“Be not far from me” -Psalm 22:11
“Be filled with the Spirit” -Ephesians 5:18
“Wait until people puke. Don’t just surf from Hutchmoot to Hutchmoot. Be there.” -Andy Crouch

Being here means caregiving and teaching and writing. I think over the lists of things I do every day and week and month and gratefulness fills me. Hutchmoot has fortified my soul once more.

Dressed in chains, now she waits
Looking back upon that day
When the dawn first held its gaze
Upon the son and the daughter’s face

-Gray Havens

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