jewel-eye july


Twenty-six chicks came at the end of June, and after sharing with neighbors we ended up with a dozen. Two Rhode Island Reds, four Amberlinks, and six motley Americanas which lay blue-green eggs; the rest, along with our six Goldstars, lay brown eggs.

We went to the 4th of July parade in Blooming Prairie, visited Spring Valley, and celebrated good times at Forager Brewery. Camp Anchorage held its inaugural week, Ingrid Elaine Lightly was born on Norah’s 8th birthday, and a few razing hot days were interspersed with cool breezes, thunderstorms, and fireflies. Our living room became visible. We gained a freezer, trailer, fencing, railroad tie steps, patio umbrella, logs, bathouse, doghouse, & cast iron tub. Cared for an 11mo for a weekend. My summer movies of choice included: Take Shelter, Batman Vs Superman, and Star Trek Beyond. I read Lonesome Dove, and now an avalanche of fantasy titles await my fingertips.

Thirty-two is looking up. Brett got a raise and eventual promotion to day shift. The Portage is still for sale, making the last debt difficult to decimate, and fixing up fixer-uppers nigh impossible. Dare I imagine what might come next?


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