May the Fourth

In which we bid farewell to our beloved Portage ❤ (For sale here!)


Memorial Day Parade posse on E Rice Street 2016

Five years of neighborhood memories: walking to farmers markets, the library, post office, and so many little shops! Memorial Day Parade, Steele County Free Fair, the kitten we found on a tree, a cellar door, train whistles, deer, ducks, eagles, our cherry tree, flora extraordinaire, thunderstorms from the Fo’c’sle, Entirely Unexpected Game Nights, and I will leave out the part about Colossal Centipedes.


Rain-kissed lilies, ferris wheel ride, autumn leaves, evening snowfall.

What tremendous blessings have been bestowed to us during our Portaging. We can only pray that the next pilgrims would be so blessed. And just as once we waited for this passage of time, now we wait again, to pass this stewardship on to another.


And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.
Luke 1:45 


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