The Room of Requirement… and Love

Aunt Ruth gave me a lovely soap dish from Cologne for Christmas. That is when I decided that 2016 would be the year to give our little farmhouse bathroom a makeover. However, due to gazelle-intensity toward debt (see my last post), a full remodel was not in the budget. Thus my mind embarked on its favorite pasttime—Stone Soup; or, How to Make Something Satisfying Out of Nearly Nothing.

IMG_2002   bathroomwindow   IMG_2003

My husband devoted Valentine’s weekend to making my designs a reality. Remodeling projects come with a fair share of frustrations and a huge mess, but he persevered through them and I am thrilled with the results.


When we bought this place, all I saw was its potential. Most of the time, I tend toward criticism. I look for the flaws because I always want to improve things, that is part of my psyche. I am often asking “How can I make this better?” which means I am constantly aware of the problems. But this morning Brett reminded me that there are definitely a few things that I can’t seem to find fault with, including midwest winters, Star Wars IV-VII, and my house on the prairie. For some reason I embrace the imperfections when it comes to these.

IMG_8378This picture embarrasses me because there is so much more I intend:
First off, I’d like the mirror to reach down to the sink, but then where should I move that pretty soap dish? I also want a barnwood frame on the mirror. Brett hasn’t yet polyurethaned the board either, which is a must behind the sink especially. The ceiling is ugly, and I’d like to re-do it, and we also should install a fan while we’re at it. I do not care for the light fixture. I don’t even want to spend money on matching light bulbs, but I painted it just until we find the right piece. Light fixtures can be expensive, and so can faucets! The sink faucet leaks, and I’ve had my eye on getting a gorgeous farm-style oil-rubbed bronze faucet for a little while now, but they cost $150 at Lowes, and even the $40 off-brand on Amazon is beyond our means currently. Waiting until we replace our water softener would probably be best in any case, but those are several hundred dollars, ha! Below the sink we put in plastic plumbing, so eventually Brett will build a little cabinet I designed to store the toilet brush, etc. The linoleum floor is falling apart, but we will likely put in a beautiful tile when we remodel the shower. I need some time (and money) to figure out whether we want a bathtub or just a walk-in shower… I’m leaning towards a shower because kids can take baths in any old thing. I adored our clawfoot tub we put in our first house, but this bathroom is just too small, plus we want folks of all ages to find comfort here.IMG_8381IMG_8376

I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to see how this story ends. Meanwhile, I have a pretty window sill to look at, a priceless view just beyond, and a head full of dreams!



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