X, Y, Z.

Z for zero, the number of times I’ve missed living in a city since we moved.
Y for year, a measurement of seasons.
X for xylography, an interesting but unfamiliar (to me) wood print art, ha!

I haven’t pictures for these. What I do have is this trove of lists summarizing 2015:

Best Non-Fic Book I read this year: The Gift of Pain, by Paul Brand
Favorite Fiction: The Martian, by Andy Weir
Other good reads: Unbroken, Little Britches, Station Eleven. Favorite re-read: By the Shores of Silver Lake, Laura Ingalls Wilder
Favorite movies watched this year: Star Wars Seven (The Force Awakens), Song of the Sea, Secret of the Kells, Gone Girl, Live Die Repeat.
Favorite television program: Sherlock
Pies baked: peach, rhubarb, cherry, black raspberry, coconut creme, pumpkin, spiced meat, cornbread&collared greens quiche, chocolate.
Favorite drama: A Liturgy of Lost Rhyme
Best songs: The Sower’s Song, A.P.; Darkness to Light, Arthur Alligood; Kumalo, Matthew Clark.
Places traveled to: Denver Colorado Wash Perk, The Grand Canyon, Whitewater State Park, Iowa x 3, Nashville & Louisville, Stillwater MN.
Best Tolkien quote: “And the smell of the air! I used to spend a week just breathing.” -Treebeard


sight: rainbow over green
(honorable mention Oct supermoon eclipse, July fireflies, Jan sundogs)

sound: oriole song

smell: wild roses on the roadside

feeling: my bed



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