K is for Kitchen


With deepest gratitude to my sister Abigail who prepped, primed, and painted with me, and wired a chicken coop on top of everything else.

The calender, white anchors, and pewter salt cellars from my mother, teacups from my cousin, wicker-patterned dishes from my aunt, anchor-bedecked corkboard from my thoughtful mother-in-law; red anchor, prints, and wedding photo frame from sweetly remembered friends. What precious gifts, all, now grace this corner of my kitchen. Words cannot tell how glad this place, and the wider arrangement of my home, makes me. Entry, laundry, bath, just off camera left. To the right, library-living room with hardwood-floor-to-ceiling bookcase, heirloom piano, and antique wood-burning stove. Opposite this photo I imagine a long table set for a feast come the holidays. The far end of the table is framed by sliding glass doors, through which trees and fields and skies look in on our jovial thanksgiving. I give thanks every day. Wouldn’t you?!


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