Rome, Home


View from the deck off our kitchen at the Anchorage.

Our motto for the year could be “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The septic inspector told us to get the electric checked, and the electrician told us we need the septic pump replaced, so now we’re waiting on that pump before we start using the plumbing. When we turned on the water we found it hadn’t been winterized properly and several pipes leaked as a result. The water softener is busted as well, but we are hoping that is covered in the home warranty and can bypass it in the meantime. This is no litany of complaints, just relating the facts. We’re in no hurry and expected these sorts of things all along. If anything, we’re gratified our predictions held true.

Temps are rising slightly this week, so we may be able to get the floor sealed and a few more walls painted. Soon as the water’s working and the weather is warm enough the place will be livable, and we can finally move the whole kit and kaboodle down. I’m happily occupied with spring cleaning and purging, and I can hardly sleep for the shelving designs and clothesline possibilities!

Next up: Easter.


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