Sky’s the Limit


Another jam-packed weekend, of grandparent visiting, shopping, craft night, church fellowship, a Star Wars birthday party, and we even managed to fit in work on the wiring at the Anchorage. It all started with re-doing a floor, and then widening two doorways, and tearing down some ugly sheet rock and a lot of old insulation. Researching ceilings I came across one idea, and fell in love:


this ceiling is glorious



Currently we have some cool lighting possibilities in the works: antique charm meets pioneer upcycling. We will sand and paint our ceiling, which at the moment looks like this:


no more sheetrock!



So much more character than before:


evidence of water damage before the new roof was built (we ripped the hole first and then decided the whole thing had to go)


While the tiny house craze has tempted me, I’ve realized I’m just too independent to jump on the bandwagon. Instead, I’m forging my own trail. Our semi-tiny, wannabe minimalist, handbuilt farmhouse is going to win all the categories.



also I made these


“All art involves conscious discipline. If one is going to paint, do sculpture, design a building or write a book, it will involve discipline in time and energy — or there would never be any production at all to be seen, felt or enjoyed by ourselves or others. To develop ‘Hidden Art’ will also, of course, take time and energy – and the balance of the use of time is a constant individual problem for all of us: what to do, and what to leave undone. One is always having to neglect one thing in order to give precedence to something else. The question is one of priorities.”

–Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden Art of Homemaking


3 thoughts on “Sky’s the Limit

  1. I love those tiny houses! But I don’t know anyone that has actually moved into one. You could always have a tiny writing studio tucked into a corner on your property… I love that exposed ceiling and I’m looking forward to seeing your vision for The Portage come to fruition.

      • I totally understand. I feel like I have one foot in the Portage, one in the Anchorage. This move is one step closer to tiny house living, though I doubt we will ever go all the way. My husband and hospitality come first, and maybe one day a tiny writing nest of my own. 😉

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