This Terrestrial Ball


Grandma Norma Elaine gave us this Amaryllis



Jill gave me a red handmade hat for a late Christmas present. Brett gave me an early Valentine gift from Slightly Sprightly. We hosted our last game night at The Portage with port wine and snowdrift porter. I got to be the traitor in Betrayal at the House on the Hill! You must understand, we played “Here There Be Dragons” and I had a magic ring. I was quoted as saying “I have to practice breathing fire or I’ll never learn!” Then we played a titillating game of Bring Your Own Book. Saving the best for last, we doused raisins with brandy in a shallow glass dish, and lit them on fire! Snapdragon is an old parlor game that Kristen heard about, and the dancing blue flames really were entrancing. Extinguishing firey liquored fruit with your mouth is pretty delicious to boot. On Saturday Abe came out to help with some of the carnage-that-will-soon-be-our-beautiful-home. On Sunday our new friends James & Meredith invited us over for dinner and taught us Forbidden Island, which was quite a lot of fun. Next weekend is the L’Abri conference and Wild hockey. Winter is wonderful, and I can hardly wait to discover what spring will bring.


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