Sea Legs

This weekend we did not work on the Anchorage. Instead we got to host Lily&Tayte for three days to give their mom a little break, and we might get to have them again for the weekend in a month. Bedtime is so different with Brett home to help! Sorry though I am to pause our renovation projects, I am not sad at all to remember that the very day we first had them was the day we found our homestead.

Ten years ago I had one kind of contentment, but now I have another. I was content to be single in my teens and early twenties (though the calling of motherhood and homemaker were close to my heart), but I was restless for my place and roved to find it. Today I have found my place on the prairie as a creator, cultivator, and caretaker. (::BLISS::) I am still learning to ride the waves as they come, keeping my eyes on the horizon, finding my sea legs.

That is what life is about, I guess. Why did God give me the desire for more children? A desire to live in the midwest? A desire to live “close to the earth”? How do these pieces of my psyche fit together in the world? And why do I feel compelled to write about it all?




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