Sacred Tasks

The sacred tasks of a homemaker performed to the rhythm of nouns and verbs.

Sun rise, wake skies. Pull wool, tuck boots. Spread quilt, open window. Put kettle on, let dogs out.

Take down dry, hang up wet. Fill dish, wash face. Plan meals, thaw meat. Prepare lessons, file paperwork. Bring wood in, shake rug out. Sweep floor, dust sill. Empty compost, pour coffee. Knead dough, bake bread. Nail, sand, chop, burn. Create, craft, practice, play. Sing, write, pray, listen. Plant, prune, water, weed. Climb trees, cut grass. [Spring] Dig dirt, grow seeds. [Summer] Ride bike, pick wildflowers. [Fall] Rake leaves, gather harvest. [Winter] Shovel snow, break ice.

Close door, light lamp. Set table, scrub pots. Draw drapes, fold clothes. Laugh, weep, breathe, sleep.



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