Safe Families hosting, Reflections on Week 1 of 2

There was a moment today, buckling the kids into car seats, that felt so normal and rhythmic, as if we could just go on and on with them being part of our lives. We finally synced.

Oh so thankful for:

  • This glimpse of the family I dreamed of, siblings close in age, even at what was the most patience-wearing stage of Norah’s life (ages two and three).
  • New eyes to see what mothers of multiple children experience day to day. Not the feeding and changing diapers and putting to bed – these I learned caring for my six younger siblings; rather, the gravity and grit of teaching them about the world, protecting them from danger, enduring their whims whilst sacrificing mine.
  • Brett’s steadiness in overstimulation-induced meltdowns. The kids’ . . . and mine.
  • The relative ease of this inaugural hosting. Children who are healthy, eager, sociable, and have a loving home to return to.
  • The rewarding leisure that will come at the end of hosting. Renewed appreciation of silence. Sleeping in.
  • The encouragement of our friends and family. Words cannot express what their support and affirmation means to us.
  • The satisfaction of relying on God when we are at our wit’s end. The joy of Lord is my strength!


“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. How lovely to hear of this experience for you… and the gift you gave these kids in giving them a temporary loving home and family. Praying for them in their next chapter… and now for you in yours!!!

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