‘Tis October!

Well, this past week has blown by, rather like the leaves falling from October trees. My original thought was to begin posting a picture-of-the-week instead of each day starting January 2015, but after this impromptu break (in which I used my camera only twice) I may just begin the final hundred days/dozen weeks of the year doing a post once a week.


A friend of mine started a facebook album/movement about portraying “Real Life – The Anti-Perfection” and this picture fits the script perfectly –heehee! This is an 8×4′ bed we grew bountiful zucchini & beans year one and scrumptious strawberries, lettuce, & tomatoes year two. This third year the berries were back in full force, but the tomatoes are pitiful and I think it’s because I planted them too close to the same spot as last year. I love the weathered little pickety fence Brett made me; and though nary a one appeared until September, the marigolds brighten and beautify even this little patch of weeds.

What are some of your glorious ruins?


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