Rafters Drafters Crafters

Brett built me a “booth” where I can enjoy my chai, process out loud, and blog to my heart’s content! His version of quality time together is simply being in the same room. Occasionally, of course, we can oblige my definition of quality time, face to face over a game of carcassonne or sketchpad design for our hodgepodge of upcycling scraps.


East End

Brett also constructed a can cage in the corner for his aluminum. With our lovely new door–that opens! and closes! with the push of a mere button!–he can once again fire up the foundry and do some castings. We can fit our car inside, too.


North Side Re-Org

Yet to be tackled. This is why we have learned that the house will be of little consequence in the next property we buy: expansive work space for Brett’s collections and creativity is far, far more important. I’d be content in a one-room log cabin, though a picture window would seal the deal.


This is where things begin to go south… 😛


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