Game Debut

…in which we played Hanabi: an intense firework-assembly game requiring the contradictory qualities of teamwork and perfectionism, and remembering to hold your cards backwards. We played 10 games and our highest score was 24. By then all of our brains had turned to mush. Listening to calming tunes on our devices helped to sooth our spiraling emotions.



7 thoughts on “Game Debut

  1. Seth and I played two games yesterday using the rainbow cards as a separate suit and the variation where the black chips end the game. We won one (perfect score!) and lost the other (score of 0!). The nice thing was that no one else was criticizing our decisions. 😉 One Amazon reviewer said it was the most stressful game in her collection. Ha!

      • I just so happened to have a similar moment: “You have one three…OH NO! You have TWO threes!” Music helps, although it wasn’t classical. I do think that it’s a little more tense with more players, though… More people are counting on you to do the “right” thing!

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