Antonyms of complain: laud, commend, ratify, hail, cheer, glorify, rave.

Now I wholly assent to what Lanier so eloquently states,

“Reviling is also a kind of praise,” says the poet; “pour out your grievances,” says the psalmist.

But I cannot help myself–I often see a bright side where others don’t.


Here is all of the wonderful good that I see in this picture:

  1. The floor is in desperate need of a good scrubbing anyway, and this = motivation!
  2. The shattered dispenser only cost me $1 at a garage sale.
  3. This event brought about a wonderful teaching moment with Norah (the perpetrator) about the consequences of accidents vs. deliberate disobedience. She began sobbing in fear the moment it happened, but I was able to sweetly reassure her that she would not be punished. She also learned about safety and carefulness without injury or (much) trauma.
  4. It was only water. It could have been lemonade or worse. It could have happened while I had other little charges in my care but it happened on a day when time was at my disposal.
  5. I’ve been brainstorming stuff to get rid of anyway.
  6. Or, this is an opportunity to replace it with something better.
  7. A beautiful reminder of the privilege I have to keep my home, the fact that I have a home at all, and a husband who provides so that I can do what I love without remorse.

This shattered beverage dispenser quenched my sorrow and self-pity today. The silver lining is simply evidence that the sun has never stopped shining at all.


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