I Was Made For Prairie Weather

I was made for prairie weather. California tormented me for 14 years, I tolerated Maryland for 2 years, England tempted me for 3 months. Miracle of miracles, I escaped to Minnesota, where the wind and rain and snow come sweeping o’er the plains. Please go to a coast, or south for goodness’ sake, instead of pouring out your complaint to my deaf ears.


Things I do not like: mosquitoes, centipedes, bugs in general, gardening, playing sports.

Things I love: Organizing, cleaning, crafting, sewing, remodeling, playing board games, reading, and writing. Christmas, walking in the snow, shoveling snow, watching snow fall out my window, sweaters, scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, layers, more sweaters, leaving my hair down, hot beverages, soup, baking. I have a serious addiction to sweaters (the opposite of sweat, I might add).

End of rant.


6 thoughts on “I Was Made For Prairie Weather

  1. I did (“go south”)! And I’m loving it! And I love posts like this, from people like you, expressing perspectives I do not understand, from depths of heart and soul I thoroughly appreciate 🙂

    • I am sincerely happy for you! A big part of me longs for everyone’s happiness. Thank you for letting me react to the folks who seem to refuse to be happy. I also love diversity, and living in those very different places gave me an appreciation I would not trade.

  2. You know those same people will be complaining about the heat and humidity in a couple of months. It’s kind of a pastime around here… 😉 Personally, I love all four seasons, but sometimes wish they would all stick to their allotted three months.

    • I’m a fan of regularity myself, and I agree that grumblers will grumble no matter what! Good points. Quite a few grumblers in the other places I’ve lived too….. or maybe that’s just facebook/rantbook, where everything is made into a bigger deal than it needs to be. If so I shall continue my positive passionate posts!

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