Today was so amazing. Norah helped me make a pie for Brett. We decorated our tree with paper heart chains. Had a family date at starbucks. Found a faucet for our clawfoot worth hundreds for $25! And played games with dear friends for the evening.

Brett had to work 60 hours this week, including all Friday night (tonight – he’ll get off at 6am Sat), and I’m a bit sad we’ve had to be apart so much. But I’m also a lot glad for all the extra moola he’s earning to pay down our debt. We survived working split shifts and working while going to school and being basically unemployed, though, so this is small beans and I’m uber thankful for his devotion. Devotion to God, to us, and to his employer. Last week I mind-dumped a little, and I would like to follow that up with some realizations.

I made a list, and there are 10 ministries that I participate in on a monthly or weekly basis. Besides which, there are half a dozen yearly events I commit to, accumulating into huge segments of time. Then there are Brett’s ministries which I support: his role as deacon, sound booth tech, and FPU facilitator. After all of these, there are dr’s appointments, family gatherings, and homeschooling which can fill anyone’s schedule by themselves. My “job” is Homemaker. To make my home a welcoming, sheltering, nurturing place for my husband and daughter. I consider it a high privilege to make this my main priority. Many have no choice, and I do. And there’s the rub: I have a choice. I hope to take on some new ministries, and some of my current ministries will subside. This is life, and I encourage you to take stock of your own. Where you have a choice, choose well. Deliberately.

This week, other than bookclub, my schedule was blank. We were not sick. Brett worked and slept. It felt so incredibly good to get up and take care of The Portage and teach Norah. Nothing fulfills me more. It was better then the best vacation. I cannot overstate my appreciation. I am not perfect, and I made many mistakes this week, but laziness was not one of them. (Impatience, Criticism, and Pride were among the most frequent – your prayers are coveted. God in His grace uses even our flaws for His purposes.) I will feel guilty, but I mean to whittle my list of 10 down to…. a much lower number, one by one by one. I invite you to join me if you feel so inclined. Believe me, this [below photo] is worth it.



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