Be A Good One


So today I actually did not get to take any pictures, due to losing BOTH of the chargers for my camera battery. And by losing, I mean misplacing and having no time whatsoever to search for them. I have searched, but I have not found. My house feels like chaos, and I have an inkling that the chaos will not go away until I have a long empty stretch of time to reorganize it. Because I am not a “little by little” multi-tasking sort of person. Interruptions drive me insane. I prefer the time to plan, prep, begin, finish, and enjoy the satisfaction of a completed project. Take a picture, check off the list, and on to the next thing. I can handle full schedules, but I am growing weary of looking ahead to every week chock-full of places to be, things to do. I cherish freedom to just stay at home. I can’t comprehend cabin-fever. Never had it. Isn’t that weird?!! Why am I so weird? Why do I love winter and hate phones? The big question is – will my life slow down eventually, and if so, how? My wonderful mate reminds me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, so I am not afraid. But I am concerned that I am saying yes to too much, and neglecting all my first and best loves: my family & my home. I am so busy helping people that I don’t have any extra time to help people, ha! I was so delighted to cancel three days (which felt like an entire wonderful week) because we were struck with 102 degree fevers. Growing and stretching and learning are draining, energizing, and rewarding. But just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should. I am ready for this season of hurry-scurry to end. I long for it. I wait for it.


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