Anchor of the Soul

a brief list of things you should probably know about me if you don’t already…

December Portage1. I like to be direct. Forthright. Candid. Straightforward. Thesauruses are also cool. Sometimes I exaggerate out of enthusiasm. I argue with myself a lot (but my husband is a good mediator).

2. I LOVE winter. You don’t even know. There is not a single thing I dislike about it. Except all the complaining. I try to sympathize, but seasonal depression just doesn’t seem to affect me in the least!

3. Lists bring me sanity. Ah, the pleasure of cataloging and systematizing! Even back in seventh grade biology the word “phylum” made my heart skip a beat. As M. C. Escher said it, “We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”

4. Cooking is not my strong suit. I would happily wash your dishes for the rest of my life if you would put my food together appetizingly. I am not picky and have no known food sensitivities. Love curry, sushi, gumbo, vegetables, guacamole, pinot noir, and most of all chocolate.

5. Red is my favorite color, my birthstone is a ruby, my favorite flower is a wild rose. My dream job is being a homemaker working on projects all day with no deadlines, a close runner-up is shelving books at a library. I studied English, Creative Writing, and Theatre Arts in college.

6. Laura Ingalls Wilder is my hero. Her family lived on the prairie before there was indoor plumbing or electricity, let alone phones or cars. She became a schoolteacher when she was 15, named her daughter after a flower, and wrote stories based on her experiences later in life. Samwise, Superman, and Spock are my other story heroes (also a bit addicted to Sherlock, currently). Did I mention I love to read?

7. I have been lucky and blessed to live in Iowa, California, England, Maryland, and now Minnesota, which have whet my appetite for traveling all the more. Hope to road-trip to Alaska someday.

8. Not a fan of phones in general. Prefer face-to-face or written correspondence.

9. Strategic games are my kind of entertainment. 500 and Loaded Questions are also favorites.

10. The Norwegian surname Dregge–rhymes with Peggy–translates roughly to dredge or anchor; hence my nautical references. Our home is christened The Portage. [As of December 2014 we have moved to our gravel road acreage christened The Anchorage.] Our family verse is Hebrews 6:19. ⚓

Note: This list is subject to change. Probably not drastic.


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